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Schütz Musicalische Exequien

Heinrich Schütz: Musikalische Exequien/Musical Exequies Capella de la Torre, Bavarian Radio Choir Katharina Bäuml / Florian Helgath, conductor As Fabrice Fitch explains (Gramophone Collection July 2024) there is already an ‘extensive discography’ for Heinrich Schütz's (1585-1672) Musikalische Exequien . Nevertheless, this new release from Florian Helgath and the Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks offers a compelling account in collaboration with ensemble Capella de la Torre. At the fore of the first part, the Lutheran Kyrie, is the striking and declamatory tone of the soloists who contrast with the warm blend of the choir to create a superb separation between favoriti and rhythmically taut choral ritornelli . Take for instance the solo Alto and Bass phrases beginning: Leben wir, so leben wir dem Herren [...] (Whether we live, we live unto the Lord...) there is an admirable confidence to these solos, clear and bell-like which is immediately followed by a chorus: Herr Gott, heiliger G

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