7 Jul 2009

David Munrow: thoughts on vibrato and a glimpse into his record collection

Written for the NEMA conference 2009: Singing music from 1500 to 1900:style, technique, knowledge, assertion, experiment
published by the University of York, edited by John Potter and Jonathan Wainwright

This paper explores the literature and discography that David Munrow used as the basis for his own opinions on vibrato. He collated his findings in an unpublished paper entitled, simply, ‘Vibrato’.
In his paper Munrow outlined some of the arguments about vibrato that he encountered in print and began to relate them to a number of recordings. However, without access to laboratory equipment he was unable to undertake a detailed analysis of the sort that can now be done easily with modern sound editing and analysis software. As such, the limits of his approach become apparent when modern techniques are applied. This chapter relates measurements taken from the recordings to Munrow’s own aural observations as set down in his essay.

Please follow this link for the full paper

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