1 Jan 2016

Heinrich Isaac: Missa Misericordias Domini & Motets

Heinrich Isaac: Missa Misericordias Domini & Motets
Cantica Symphonia, Giuseppe Maletto

Glossa GCD P31908

Cantica Symphonia are a mixed vocal and instrumental ensemble long associated with the works of Guillaume Dufay to whom they have devoted 5 discs. Giuseppe Maletto and Cantica Symphonia now offer a whole album of works by Heinrich Isaac that includes the first recording of 'Missa Misericordias Domini', and a selection motets, four of which are also previously unrecorded. That there is so much of Isaac’s output still to be explored on record should come as little surprise: not only was he prolific but he has often been eclipsed by his more famous contemporary, Josquin Desprez.

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