21 Aug 2016

GRANADA 1013-1502

GRANADA 1013-1502
Dirección: Jordi Savall (Alia Vox AVSA9915)

The indefatigable Jordi Savall continues to unite musicians from East and West as he traverses five centuries of musical traditions in Granada. Describing it as ‘one of the most important and admired cities in Muslim Andalusia’ the majority of performances on this new album were recorded live in 2013 at a concert in the Alhambra Palace to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Granada’s foundation.

Savall is consistent and unflinching: he states that this album ‘is a passionate testimony to the power of music in bringing about intercultural dialogue’. With this message I feel he joins Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said in a pantheon of intellectual icons calling for cultural understanding across political divides.

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