27 Jan 2018

Jacob Obrecht: Missa Grecorum & motets

Jacob Obrecht: Missa Grecorum & motets
The Brabant Ensemble / Stephen Rice
Hyperion CDA68216

Jacob Obrecht (1457/8-1505) is still not as well represented on disc as one might hope despite having (briefly) succeeded Josquin Des Prez in Ferrara, and having written over thirty cyclic masses. This excellent premiere recording of Missa Grecorum is a very welcome edition to his discography and also includes the first recording of the motet O beate Basili.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this disc, though, is the nimble and charming setting of Mater Patris / Sancta Dei genitrix. The tuning takes a moment to settle, but soon the motet unfolds ravishing chains of tumbling phrases on Aures tuae pietatis Ad nos vertens a peccatis… (Turning your merciful ears to us, release us from sin). Obrecht’s music, and these performances are ravishingly beautiful and form a well-matched pair.

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