31 Jul 2021

Johann Rosenmüller: Magnificat and Sacred Concertos

Johann Rosenmüller: Magnificat and Sacred Concertos
Ensemble 1684, Gregor Meyer
CPO 555174-2

That Johann Rosenmüller (1619-84) is still something of a rarity in modern performance is particularly surprising considering the quality of music on this second disc devoted to his works by Gregor Meyer and Markus Berger’s Ensemble 1684. [...]

This new album opens with Rosenmüller’s Magnificat a 18, a compositional tour-de-force in the Venetian style. It is presented here with gripping attention to detail, particularly in the delicious contrasting instrumental textures where the silvery violin tone is particularly pleasing. My tastes, however, favour a more demonstrative vocal tone and whilst I enjoyed the different personalities of these singers, I would have preferred them to be more prominent in the overall balance, particularly at Deposuit potentes de sede (he hath put down the might from their seat) where the musical contrasts between the ‘putting down’ and the ‘exalting’ are so inviting. Similarly, I wanted more yearning from the solo voices at Esurientes implevit bonis (He hath filled the hungry with good things). [...]

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