O Jerusalem! City of Three Faiths

O Jerusalem! City of Three Faiths (live)
Apollo's Fire, Jeannette Sorrell
Avie: AV2501

Etymologists trace a late fourth century transition from Jerusalem as the "city of peace" to the "vision of peace" (the term preferred by St Augustine). Likewise, this new programme takes its cue from the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi who described Jerusalem as "the place where everything is music... and brothers and strangers are one.” With a musical span from 1200 – 1650 director Jeannette Sorrell reflects the traditions of three faith communities, writing: "Throughout history, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian neighbours in Jerusalem have lived together, celebrating love and life, weddings and prayer." Her programme draws on their daily life, sacred and secular, organised into sections which explore each quarter of the Ancient city.

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