12 Nov 2015

Nicolas Gombert : Motets

BEAUTY FARM (Bart Uvyn [countertenor], Achim Schulz [tenor], Adriaan De Koster [tenor], Hannes Wagner [tenor], Joachim Höchbauer [bass], Martin Vögerl [bass])

Fra Bernardo FB 1504211

Nicolas Gombert (c.1495-1560) was a significant composer of the post-Josquin generation and a singer disgraced from the Emperor Charles V’s court chapel when accused of molesting a choirboy. Sentenced to the galleys he composed ‘swan songs’ which won him the emperor’s pardon. He is chiefly remembered for his 160+ motets, nineteen of which are handsomely represented on this double-album debut from the aptly named Beauty Farm.

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Gramophone November 2015

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